Friday, May 1, 2015

Avengers 2 Week Concludes! Making a Splash: Ultron Limited

Hoo-hah, Groove-ophiles! Time to go to the movies (if ya haven't already) and dig Avenger 2! Before ya go, how 'bout pasting your peepers on these scintillating Groovy Age Avengers splash pages that feature Ultron in all his glory! For such an important villain, Ultron didn't appear on many splash pages, though! Ol' Groove is even tossing in a 2/3 page splash and a full-page non-Avengers splash from Fantastic Four #150 (which crossed over with Avengers #127 and featured the wedding of Quicksilver and Crystal, of the Inhumans). Still n all, few though they might be, Ultron did get his splashes illoed by some of the best of the best: Barry (Windsor-) Smith, Sal Buscema, George Tuska, and Rich Buckler! Check 'em out!!
From Avengers #66, art by Barry Smith and Syd Shores

Avengers #127, art by Sal Buscema and Joe Staton

Fantastic Four #150, art by Rich Buckler and Joe Sinnott

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Avengers 2 Week! The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Groovy Age of Ultron

What's up, Groove-ophiles! Are ya excited about Avengers 2: Age of Ultron?  Weird as it seems, so is Ol' Groove! Yeah, I know I told ya I was gonna see the sneak preview on Thursday (and I hope I do/did), but ya'see, Groove City is a myriad of time-warps, as Ol' Groove writes these posts far in advance! So when you read this, it'll be the day I'm watching Avengers 2! But depending on what time of the day you read it, I might not have seen it yet! Oh, for Kang's sake, let's get to this short-but-oh-so-sweet pile o'Groovy Age covers featuring our favorite Oedipus-wired robot from The Avengers' first series (and an extra special Ultron-in-the-FF cover, to boot)!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Avengers 2 Week! Black and White Wednesday: "Vision, This Is Your Life!" and more by Klorese, Kraft, and friends

One of Teen Groove's all-time fave issues of FOOM Magazine was ish #12's spotlight on The Vision and Scarlet Witch. Yeah, Marvel's oddest Odd Couple was that popular back in the mid-70s. Roger Klorese, David Anthony Kraft, and others filled FOOM #12 with suh-weet historical articles plus interviews by the main Groovy Age Avengers writers Roy Thomas and Steve Englehart. Filled with art by many of Marvel's Finest, these articles captured all that was great about our Android Avenger and his Mutant Mrs. Dig it, Groove-ophiles!


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